In a kit-shell: What an ideal storage kit looks like

How many times have you magically lost your earphones in some bag, in some side pocket, hiding away under a bunch of other wires that you now cannot recollect?

How many times have you found your earphones tangled up like spaghetti inside your jeans pocket?

How many times have you put away your pen drive inside that ‘safe space’ in your room, promising yourself that you’ll find this tiny instrument exactly when you need it but haven’t been able to remember that ‘safe space’?

All of the above has happened to me, and I’m sure at some point, it has happened to you as well. If you’re able to relate to all of these scenarios, The Phoenix Company’s storage/travel kit is the apt solution for you. With five handy storage spaces and a compact design, you never have to fear losing another item. Not only is the kit light, flexible and extremely easy to use, but it also comes in a smart denim + ikat material, that go well with your other accessories. Sounds too good to be true?

Storage kit 1storage kit 2storage-kit-3.jpg


  1. On the left flap there are one slot for your earphones and any other USB wire.
  2. Above this there’s a small loop to tie a key chain/ name tag/ dangler.
  3. On the right there are two more compartments, for your hard disk, pen drive etc, with velcros to secure them.

This kit makes it convenient for you to find all your every day items in one secure space. The velcro makes it quick to open and close. Your earphones remain tangle-free and the cushiony surface keeps all your items well-protected.

This is an ideal kit to gift to all those traveling buddies, hard-working computer nerds, design friends as well as your office colleagues. And if some of these fit your description, then let this be a chance to treat yourself to something special that’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

It doesn’t have to stop there! This kit can be used to store other items as well – pocket notebooks, post-its, jewellery, credit cards, ID-cards, etc. This storage kit is an essential item for you to make your day just a teeny bit hassle-free but a whole lot happier!

Note: This product is not water proof. Keep it away from liquid items. 

Like what you see?
Purchase your very own storage kit from The Phoenix Company now:

By Naqiyah Hasan



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