Gifts for the secret Superhero

Our dads are our superheroes in disguise. They are always ready to put on their red cape and swoop in to save the day. Whether it’s a bad day at school or work, whether is a small dispute with mom, or whether it is simply an excuse to go on a spontaneous outing, our dads know exactly what to do. They seem to be the silent whisperers of the house, keeping secrets, sharing stories and knowing exactly when we need a pep-talk!

This father’s day, remind all those superheroes how important their role in our life is. Without them, as kids, we would never have learnt to believe in the impossible, never tried to work harder than we do, and never believed that a little magic can be found even in the darkest of times.

The Phoenix Company brings to you two very special mugs for our very special dads.

The first mug comes with a cute doodle of a dad in the center; this mug describes every emotion and every description you can think of. He is not just one thing, and he deserves to know the integral part he has played in your life. This colorful mug is just what you need to remind him of all the marvelous memories he has given you. From his lame jokes, to his strict firmness, our dads are constantly playing multiple roles in our lives, depending on what’s best for us. He is our partner in crime, supports our decisions, and an ideal example of the best man that we know!

father's day mug 1.jpg

The second mug comes with a doodle that showcases all the different ways in which dads try to make us happy – from being Daddy cool with shades to making child-like expressions, donning the guise of a happy clown to crazy faces and loud laughter. They literally stop at nothing just to see us smile. This year, we celebrate their inimitable sense of humor that can make us giggle and laugh till our tummies ache, even on our gloomiest days!  No matter what their age, our dads always remain children at heart and this gift is perfect reminder of that.


The best thing about this mug is that it can be used at home as well as at his workplace. He can take it with him wherever he goes, and it’ll always remain a perfect reminder of what he means to you. These mugs are also microwave friendly, and can be used to make a special Sunday mug-cake to treat your dad while he relaxes after a long week of work. Let’s give our dads a chance to have something to show off about!

Sometimes we fail to express how we feel about them. An expensive shirt, or an electronic gadget might make them happy, but nothing will touch their hearts like these mugs will. Because of their colorful descriptions and powerful message, these mugs stand out as a creative, as well as thoughtful gift.

father's day mug 3.jpg

These doodles are a tribute to every hardworking father out there, who will, without a word of complaint or expectations, go to any extent just to see us happy.

Purchase these creative doodled mugs for your dad now and bring a big smile to his face. Or check out the other exclusive gifts that The Phoenix Company offers:

By Naqiyah Hasan

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