Father’s day special: Fun notebook for dads!

Fun Notebook For Dads!

This year, let’s spend some quality time with our dads. The Phoenix Company brings to you just the right medium for a quick and easy way to make time in between our hectic routines. A four-part owl doodled notebook with fun activity sheets in between. The book, when opened has a  photo frame on the left and a thank you letter to your dad on the right.

The frame is a perfect way to remind him of your favorite family photo and the letter besides it is an expressive piece portraying all the wonderful things you love about your dad. The book contains 200 unruled pages held together by a wiro-bound. The glossy activity sheets with motivational snippets are sure to inspire your dad to take a little ‘me-time’ and get creative.

There’s a doodled activity sheet after every 25 pages!

  1. The ‘Let’s do this’ list encourages dads to write their bucket list of things they’ve always wanted to do and to finally get down to doing it!
  2. Right in the middle is the 10-year challenge to add a little fun amidst the writing. The activity involves drawing stick figures of themselves and their children on how they imagine they will be 10 years from now! They can also stick old and new pictures and see how they’ve changed in a decade.
  3. Forget-me-not dates includes the old-school way of noting down important dates. This one isn’t dependent on wi-fi and can be their go-to to remember D-days!


This book is an apt stress buster and personal notebook for all those dads who don’t find time for themselves between juggling work and spending family. It can make for an ideal travel journal or maybe a scribble pad for getting creative during a boring meeting!

Show your dad you truly care for his needs with this thoughtful and creative book. This might end up being a great tool for him to manage his work, or re-discover that poetic side which he gave up after his college days!

Our dads have always gone the extra mile for us and taken out time from their busy schedules to be a part of our lives. No matter how silly, or how serious, they’ve taken our side against the world. They are our protectors and our real knights in shining armour. They can make us laugh with happy tears and can always figure out a way to come up with new tricks to amuse and entertain us.

Without them, there would be no one to joke around with, or to go on secret dessert outings when mom doesn’t approve, or give us a powerful pep talk just when we need it. Sometimes, we fail to express how much they mean to us and words or expensive gifts can often fall short.

This father’s day, let us go the extra mile for them, for a change. Gift this book and give them a chance to enter our world and be young again. Don’t forget to get creative!

Purchase this notebook now and check out other Father’s day exclusive products by The Phoenix Company: http://thephoenixcompany.in/index.php/fathers-day-special/owl-notebook-for-dads.html

By Naqiyah Hasan

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