Doodled wedding invitation cards

Every couple has a unique love story that shares a special place in their hearts. They capture these stories in the form of photographs, gifts and now-a-days, even text messages! These stories are cherished and incomparable, and are narrated over and over again over family get-togethers and dinner parties, till all of the giggles and inside jokes are out in the open! To make these love stories even more special, The Phoenix Company provides you with the age-old service of designing wedding invitations but….with a modern twist!

A wedding invitation is a gesture of welcoming close family and friends to be a part of your special day. These invitations created by The Phoenix Company are exclusively customized and originally doodled by Aditi Maithreya. We take utmost care into listening and understanding the relationship between the couple and put in our best efforts to create something that does justice to this bond.


Each wedding invitation tells a story. It is thoughtfully crafted according to the needs of the customers and the type of illustrations; whether modern or traditional is also decided by the couple. Every card has the essence of where the couple comes from, what makes them click, and how important you are to be invited to this special day! The adorable and accurate doodles of family members and the quirky anecdotes come from keen observation and personal care. What completes it is the use of vibrant colours and diverse ideas behind story-telling and creation.


It has been tradition to send out door-to-door invitation cards for years. But, in this tech-savvy age, what if you wanted to do something different and eco-friendly by sending out digital invitations? Not only does it save you a lot of hush-push between on-going preparations, but it is also the fastest way to give your loved ones the amazing news!

The Phoenix Company comes to the rescue with digital invites and gifs in the form of invitations. It’s fun to watch and immediately catches your attention. It leaves a lasting impression and creates excitement for the upcoming events. But the best thing about it is that it is eco-friendly and can also be transformed into posters or banners as wedding decorations. They would even make distinctive back-drops for photos and selfies!

These wedding invitations are worth preserving because they become a part of your magnificent story. They will go around dinner tables and party conversations and make a special place inside your photo albums, keeping your wedding’s memory alive forever.

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By Naqiyah Hasan

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