Gifting ideas for weddings

It’s been a trying time for everyone. With work-from-home becoming the norm, everything else has taken a backseat. And weddings have been no exception to the long list of things that have been forced to be rescheduled. Those ‘Save-the-date’ cards would have to wait a little longer before they can be sent out. But if there’s a wedding you’ve been looking forward to, then don’t let the gloom dampen your spirits. Make use of this time to carefully plan everything for the big day. Whether you’re a bride who is planning her bachelorette or a best friend who’s searching for the perfect present, it’s time to get your creative hats on and think out of the box. Continue reading “Gifting ideas for weddings”

3 Things To Shop This Women’s Day

The spirit of Women’s Day lies in supporting and lifting up each other. While we show the women in our lives how much they mean to us every day, we can pamper them a little more on this special day by getting them something thoughtful to remind them how precious they are to us. International Women’s Day, which was instituted in the early 1900s, aims … Continue reading 3 Things To Shop This Women’s Day

#WorldEnvironmentDay: Eco-friendly shopping bags

With a strict plastic ban declared by the government on 1st January 2019, it has now been half a year since the usage of plastics has effectively reduced. But it also makes us wonder, despite all the awareness of its harmful effects and a 6-month long breather since the ban, why are we still seeing and using plastics almost as much as before? Sharing a … Continue reading #WorldEnvironmentDay: Eco-friendly shopping bags