Books in the time of quarantine

Stories follow us wherever we are, wherever we go – in the mornings, late at night, threading through a slow afternoon, in books, on the phone, from a television screen in a stuffy waiting room. They weave a subtle magic, making us forget, making us remember; an escape pod to four destinations contained in the space between syllables strung together.

In these troubled times of sudden quarantine and social distancing, diving headlong into a book or two might provide much-needed reprieve from alternating cycles of anxiety and uncertainty. Armed with classics, fantasy, nostalgia, non-fiction and positivity, we bring you five book suggestions that we are sure will be the silver lining you’ve been looking for. Even if you’ve already read them, you’re bound to find yourself excited while flipping their pages again! Continue reading “Books in the time of quarantine”

3 Things To Shop This Women’s Day

The spirit of Women’s Day lies in supporting and lifting up each other. While we show the women in our lives how much they mean to us every day, we can pamper them a little more on this special day by getting them something thoughtful to remind them how precious they are to us. International Women’s Day, which was instituted in the early 1900s, aims … Continue reading 3 Things To Shop This Women’s Day

Understanding ‘The Law of Karma’

An exclusive interview with Mr. Chaganti V.K.Maithreya, author of The Law of Karma- A Theosophical View. This is a book about the theoretical and conceptual framework of the law of karma and related concepts. Mr. Maithreya talks about the real meaning behind karma, what it stands for and how its acknowledgement can create a humungous impact on one’s life. Naqiyah: Can you tell us a … Continue reading Understanding ‘The Law of Karma’

Doodled wedding invitation cards

Every couple has a unique love story that shares a special place in their hearts. They capture these stories in the form of photographs, gifts and now-a-days, even text messages! These stories are cherished and incomparable, and are narrated over and over again over family get-togethers and dinner parties, till all of the giggles and inside jokes are out in the open! To make these … Continue reading Doodled wedding invitation cards

Ikat: The millennium old weaving technique

Edric Ong from World Craft Council Asia Pacific Region, co-curator of the exhibition, designer and artist, says, “The technique of ikat is practised in at least 28 to 30 countries across all the continents. It is therefore global and stretches across the five regions of the World Crafts Council.” The best thing about ikat is that it is exclusive to the country where it comes … Continue reading Ikat: The millennium old weaving technique

Father’s day special: Fun notebook for dads!

Fun Notebook For Dads! This year, let’s spend some quality time with our dads. The Phoenix Company brings to you just the right medium for a quick and easy way to make time in between our hectic routines. A four-part owl doodled notebook with fun activity sheets in between. The book, when opened has a  photo frame on the left and a thank you letter to … Continue reading Father’s day special: Fun notebook for dads!

Bamboo fibre: A good luck charm!

Bamboo plants are famously said to be lucky and auspicious according to principles of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra. They make for amazing house warming gifts or act as a good luck charm for people starting a new journey. But what a lot of people don’t know is that this cute, indoor plant has also made its way graciously into the fabric textile industry. Bamboo … Continue reading Bamboo fibre: A good luck charm!