Gifting ideas for weddings

It’s been a trying time for everyone. With work-from-home becoming the norm, everything else has taken a backseat. And weddings have been no exception to the long list of things that have been forced to be rescheduled. Those ‘Save-the-date’ cards would have to wait a little longer before they can be sent out. But if there’s a wedding you’ve been looking forward to, then don’t let the gloom dampen your spirits. Make use of this time to carefully plan everything for the big day. Whether you’re a bride who is planning her bachelorette or a best friend who’s searching for the perfect present, it’s time to get your creative hats on and think out of the box. Continue reading “Gifting ideas for weddings”

3 Things To Shop This Women’s Day

The spirit of Women’s Day lies in supporting and lifting up each other. While we show the women in our lives how much they mean to us every day, we can pamper them a little more on this special day by getting them something thoughtful to remind them how precious they are to us. International Women’s Day, which was instituted in the early 1900s, aims … Continue reading 3 Things To Shop This Women’s Day

Father’s day special: Fun notebook for dads!

Fun Notebook For Dads! This year, let’s spend some quality time with our dads. The Phoenix Company brings to you just the right medium for a quick and easy way to make time in between our hectic routines. A four-part owl doodled notebook with fun activity sheets in between. The book, when opened has a  photo frame on the left and a thank you letter to … Continue reading Father’s day special: Fun notebook for dads!

All you can get- under 500!

The Phoenix Company offers a wide range of products, fitting your needs and requirements. But sometimes, running on a tight budget, we fail to buy all the things that we truly desire. Fret no more! With this handy guide, you can pick and prioritize your products. Keeping your budget in mind,  you can still buy a perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. Available … Continue reading All you can get- under 500!

A doodled mug for Mother’s day!

Ever thought of surprising your mom with breakfast in bed? Your mom, who takes care of all your silly tantrums, bribes you into doing work with an extra piece of cake, cooks your special meals and pampers you when you’re having a rough day. She’ll laugh at all your silly jokes and support you, always vouching for your innocence! You’re in luck, because The Phoenix … Continue reading A doodled mug for Mother’s day!

Mother’s day gifts : Doodle photo frames

Our parents did a great job at capturing our most memorable moments. Everything, from our first steps, first birthday, till our graduation day, is documented in photo albums. We visit these albums over family gatherings, anniversaries, or even after some petty fight over the dinner table, just to remind ourselves of all the beautiful things we’ve shared together. This Mother’s Day, we return to this age-old tradition with a modern twist. The Phoenix Company brings you an exclusive book-type photo frame with original doodles which makes for quirky & colourful home décor.

Continue reading “Mother’s day gifts : Doodle photo frames”